Author: Debbie
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. The Raven belongs to Edgar Allen Poe.
Summary: A one-on-one Quidditch match leads Draco and Harry into something more. Set to the cadence of a famous poem and inspired by Lillithium's gorgeous artwork.

With thanks to Liss and Merin for betaing.

Once upon an autumn dreary, Harry pondered, tired and weary
Trying to find some respite from the burdens that he bore
While he sat upon the pitch, twiddling with the eager Snitch
A fellow wizard – not a witch – though his enemy of yore
Came with broom in hand before him, though his enemy of yore;
"A game of Quidditch – nothing more."

They would both so oft remember, on that late day in September
Harry nodded in surprise, though glad their past they could ignore
Eyes locked in exchange of truce, which a wry smile did produce
Then the winged ball was loose and thus into the air they soar´d
Racing, chasing on beloved brooms into the air they soar´d
A chance for fun and nothing more.

Flying higher, zooming, turning, for the Snitch they both were yearning
Through the clouds they chased each other, while heartbeats in their ears did roar
Time reduced to just one focus, up there in their heavenly locus
Thinking not of 'hocus pocus', only of who'd get to score
Long had this event been waiting, just to see who'd get to score
Two boys on brooms and nothing more.

Draco finally neared their quarry, so to him would go the glory
He knew Harry trailed but little in this old familiar war
Gryffindor increased his speed, hoping to regain the lead
Both boys silently agreed this was what they're looking for
Up in the air with no one there they found what they were looking for
Just one thing and nothing more.

Two hands reached with all their might, brushed each other, did ignite
Unexpected feelings that the boys had never felt before
Sharing but a startled glance before returning to their dance
Yet it was far more than chance which caused them to connect once more
The Snitch escaped and yet they did fly close enough to touch once more
Something new they're looking for.

The golden Snitch dove towards the lake; the boys must steer with no mistake
Lest they plunge into the water, so must yearnings be ignored.
Pulling up from his free fall, Draco snatched the winged ball
Then he slowed down to a crawl and tumbled off onto the shore
Harry followed, wondering what he'd find upon the grassy shore
Unsure what he's looking for.

They sat awhile, silence unbroken, not a word had yet been spoken
Red-gold leaves gave benediction as they opened a new door
Unsure what to say or do, feelings that were still brand-new
Knowing only it was true, love had hidden 'neath their war
Youthful fascination grew into a love beneath their war
Could they deny it anymore?

"Good match," said Draco, seeking Harry with his eyes, though slightly wary
Would Wonder Boy refuse what'd passed between them just before?
His words vanished in the breeze; Harry seemed so ill-at-ease
Slouching there beneath the trees - this was whom he'd fallen for?
Took so long to recognize that this was whom he'd fallen for.
Cannot sit here anymore

"Yes, we are," Harry replied, speaking words so long denied
Finally breaking silence but not trusting to say more
Listening to sounds of breathing, while their thoughts continued seething
With a pain akin to teething, feeling bared down to the core.
Draco's piercing silver gaze left him bared down to the core.
Cannot deny it anymore.

But with a touch to Harry's arm, Draco showed he meant no harm
Breath caught and held as wand'ring fingers showed what was in store
Lips touched lips in sweet exchange, though it seemed in passing strange
Since this was such an abrupt change from the way they'd been before
This was so much better than the battles that they'd had before
Together now, forevermore.

21 Dec 2006

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