The Wrong Witter

Author: Debbie
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
Summary: Pacey reacts after seeing Dawson kiss Gretchen. Part 1 of the Witter Series.
Feedback: This is my first DC fic -- I would really appreciate feedback!

I remember stopping, frozen, in the middle of the room. My entire field of vision narrowed down to the scene in front of me Dawson kissing my sister Gretchen under the mistletoe.

<<No. No, you idiot. Not her. This Witter. Me. Me!!! You're supposed to kiss me!!>>

That's the only coherent thought I remember having.

I didn't think it would hurt this bad. I've seen Dawson kiss other girls before, but he and I were still a team then. A pair. A couple. Ok, so it was platonic, on the surface anyway, but I still had him basically all to myself. Those girls didn't matter to me. They weren't serious. They weren't like me. Dawson would still always come back to me, for those things he couldn't get elsewhere.

But Gretchen -- she was a lot like me. Only female. He came so close to picking me. So close. Too close. That's why my gut wrenched at the sight. It should have been me ...

What the hell did he think all that stupid posturing was about last Spring? It wasn't because of Joey. Well, it was, but not in that way. I was pissed because he suddenly decided Joey was worth all his attention, and he dumped me, our relationship, along the way. Getting angry and hurting him back probably wasn't the smartest move I made, but then again, I'm not really known for doing the smart thing, especially in a crisis....

So I ran away. Off to sea where I wouldn't have to see him every day, be reminded of what I'd lost. But when I returned, I tried to hint that I wanted him back. At least his friendship, just to be close to him again. I've never been too good with words. Maybe I should have come right out and told him what I really wanted. But I was too chicken. Chicken Pacey, that's me. Always pussy-footing around. Idiot.

I just wanted to knock my sister aside and take her place, to bruise Dawson's lips with my own, stake my claim. But I didn't. I did what I do best ... I ran away again. Turned on my heel and left the party, Joey trying to keep up in her heels. I just wanted to be alone, but I asked to stay at the B&B anyway. The idea of seeing Dawson bring Gretchen back to our house would have just killed me.

So here I am in Joey's room, watching her sleep. But I don't see her, not really. I see Dawson, his blond hair falling over his eye, just so. I'm trying not to see his blond head kissing Gretchen. It's not working too well.

I once told Joey that part of me died when I lost True Love. And now I've lost my true love again.

I was the wrong Witter, I guess.


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